JT Buck

Phi Delta Theta's House Corp President - University of Michigan

It takes an enormous amount of time to manage a fraternity house. Having Alpha in place gives me a lot of time back that I can use in other ways.

Gordon Bellis

DKE Alumni Board of Directors

S&T has done a great job in facilitating all aspects of the day-to-day operational and financial management of the DKE house at Cal. The fraternity would be in a very tough spot without there help.

Robert M. Tuller

DKE  Alumni Board -  Senior Vice President, Partner  BT Commercial Real Estate

I stopped by the house Monday afternoon unannounced and was blown away with the wonderful condition of the house and the beauty of  the garden and lawn. You and Taylor are the best thing that happened to Deke. Boy am I glad you made the call to me a few years ago. Many thanks  to both of you. You are not allowed to retire or quit

I am happy to recommend S&T  anytime --- S&T  has really turned our operation around .

Ron Pengilly

Retired Real Estate Attorney Phi Gamma Delta House Corporation

They saved us -  They did it all

Bill Rodgers

President – SAE House Corporation

Your understanding of the fraternity situation at the University of California - Berkeley led to a realistic solution for turning the men's Greek system around and re-establish our SAE Chapter. Our SAE house corporation members were all new to fraternity management. We quickly realized that success revolves around proper management: you must build a proper  facility, manage the finances properly, interact with the brothers regarding proper behavior and market the product properly. The results are in and each house that has followed in your footsteps now has a viable fraternity.