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Alpha Fraternity Management

Setting the Standard for Fraternity Management 

Our program is unlike any other management program available for:

Alpha Fraternity Management

Alpha Fraternity Management specializes in managing fraternity and sorority operations. Our program is unlike any other management program available providing solutions for national fraternities, house corporations, and fraternity property owners.

With over 200 years of combined experience managing fraternity and sorority operations professionally, our team brings a new level of service and excellence to fraternity and sorority business operations and housing.

Alpha Fraternity Management is the powerful combination of two recognized and well-established companies; S&T Fraternity Management and Alpha Management Group.

We make it possible for Board and fraternity and sorority members to have a long-standing chapter on campus through comprehensive management programs which include developing a business plan with timelines for renovations, financing, capital reserve, debt acquisition, ongoing cash flow projections, and maintenance.

Chapters we have served throughout the United States for over 25+ years have more money, funding for repairs and capital improvements, stronger membership, stronger boards, consistently repeatable operations, and a sustainable foundation.

Our focus is serving our clients with premier fraternity and sorority management by improving the housing experience and culture. We make it easy to establish a stable chapter environment where members can thrive and achieve goals.

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We provide full service solutions that create sustainable and repeatable systems.

Our Management Programs at a Glance

Member Services Program

Invoices and collects rents and dues, escrows national dues and fees to ensure payment to the national organization, develops and signs a membership and lease agreements through our internet based software systems.

  • Implements security and membership deposits.
  • Late payment follow-up and collections activities, process and sends legal notices, phone and email support for members and parents.
  • The national fraternity retains authority over all accounts and all money is deposited directly into national or local house corporation bank accounts.

Business Management

For each property, we develop a business and operations plan, provide budgeting and cash flow management, evaluate existing debt, property taxes and refinancing, pays bills and invoices, produces monthly financial reports that conform to GAAP.

  • Evaluate property insurance and recommend changes to decrease premiums or improve coverage.
  • National representatives and individual house corporations can receive real-time reporting through the internet.
  • Annual rent studies to validate rental rates.
  • Complete and file annual IRS returns.
  • Review corporate documents.
  • Manage corporate compliance with state and local registrations and reports.

Operations Management

Develop implement preventative maintenance and capital improvement programs for each property.

  • Provide regular inspections to assess the cleanliness and condition of the chapter house.
  • Coordinate maintenance, repairs, lawn care, landscaping, snow removal and cleaning.
  • Maintain compliance with critical fire, safety and alarm systems.
  • Implement a security deposit program that holds residents accountable for cleanliness and damages.
  • Coordinate move in and move out.
  • Work with chapter leaders to create a safe-housing environment.