AlPay offers chapters EZ solutions for dues/fees/rent billing, delinquent account collections, & electronic lease signing.



If you need an EZ, low-cost method to bill chapter dues, EZBill is your solution.

EZBill will invoice your chapter members for their dues, along with any rent or fees according to your schedule. Your members (or their parents) can get account information and make online payments through our secure member portal, 24/7, and we’ll deposit the money directly into your bank account so that you have quick access to your funds. We’ll also send late notices to members and charge late fees when required.

Chapter officers will be able to monitor and track member payments and generate delinquency reports on-demand through our Owner Web Access portal. But if there’s a spot along the way where you need answers or a little assistance, we’re real people, not a software program. Your account manager is available to help and will provide you with the training and support your chapter needs to manage your member billing.


AlPay is a division of Alpha Fraternity Management

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EZBill+ delivers all the power of EZBill PLUS active collections on delinquent accounts and online bill payment.

You joined your fraternity/sorority to build your leadership skills, be part of a community, and create lifelong friendships not to become a collections agent. When your member isn’t paying their dues, rent, or fees that’s money lost by the entire chapter. Collecting that money is often awkward and embarrassing. With EZBill+, your chapter officers are relieved of that responsibility. PLUS, the service almost pays for itself -- our clients typically find we collect 10-15% more money than when they try to collect themselves!

If your member is delinquent paying their dues, fees, or rent your account manager will be a neutral, firm alternative to having your chapter officers become collections agents (or wielding a big bat). We take active steps to resolve the problem through phone, text, and email. If the chapter agrees to a payment plan, we’ll develop a payment agreement and obtain signatures from your member and their parent. If a payment plan cannot be reached, we’ll pursue collection actions for delinquent members using a national collections agency when approved by the chapter officers.

Since EZBill+ also includes 24/7 online bill approval and payment for your chapter officers, you’ll have a complete view of your receivables and payables, providing you with the information your chapter officers need to make better decisions.

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EZBill Premium

EZBill Premium is our fully-managed member and accounting services program that lets you spend your time building connections, investing in your education, and doing what you love.

Your member services and accounting team will ensure your chapter dues and fees are billed, your delinquent payments are addressed, and your members are receiving the information and attention they need to have an exceptional experience with your chapter. EZBill Premium also includes 24/7 online bill approval and payment for your chapter officers, escrow for national dues and security deposits, payroll processing, and tax services, making it our most comprehensive package of services designed with fraternities and sororities in mind.

EZBill Premium makes it easy and convenient to know where your critical cash is, get it into your bank account quickly and seamlessly, and keep up on expenses to keep your chapter running smoothly.


Ask us about adding national dues and security deposit escrow, payroll processing, or tax services (additional
fee applies for EZBill/EZBill+).

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