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Programs for Fraternity House Corporations

Alpha Fraternity Management provides services and national housing programs for our national fraternity clients. 

We can develop, implement and staff a complete program for your organization or we can provide services to fill a single need -- often more cost-effectively and with less management effort than it would take to perform these services yourself!

Boots on the GroundAn important difference with Alpha Fraternity Management is that we have “boots on the ground.”

Managing chapter houses is a much different process than managing other campus properties. Safe, well-run chapter houses require that local staff be available at all times and in the properties frequently. For our national fraternity clients, we will commit to putting management level staff on the campuses where you entrust us to manage your facilities.



The successful management of fraternity chapter houses is time intensive and requires unique programs, specialized services, experienced oversight, and demands high levels of member and parent communications.

It is becoming clear that the traditional model of having alumni volunteers manage the day-to-day operations of the facility, its leases, rental collections, food service, repairs and maintenance, and paying bills is too challenging for most groups to undertake through volunteer efforts. It takes too much time, effort and specialized skills for volunteers to consistently bear the burden of these duties.

More than 75% of fraternity chapters are under-capitalized and in a state of deferred maintenance.


(and it's often free)

Alpha Fraternity Management has developed a comprehensive program and specialized team that institutes the best practices of facilities management, financial management, member communications, preventative maintenance, and capital improvement planning. Coupled with our significant investment in technology, you'll get improved efficiency along with the focus and experience you need to successfully manage your houses.

Simply stated, we invest the time, systems and resources that volunteers cannot.

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Our program is designed to support the ideals of educating the members and providing leadership opportunities within your chapter. Fraternity leaders still play a key role in making decisions and determining the group’s direction, but Alpha Fraternity Management's experienced team provides the information and training so that both undergraduate and alumni members can be more effective in their roles. Consider us your safety net that protects the group’s interests should a member fail in his duties.

This comprehensive program begins with an analysis of your property and your operations. From this, we develop a detailed management plan that is designed to effectively address all of your critical functions:

  • Financial management and accounting
  • Monthly budgets and annual rent studies
  • Member relations and communications
  • Rent and dues collections
  • Leases and membership agreements
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Capital improvement planning
  • Vendor qualification and payment
  • Regular and emergency repairs
  • Inspections for cleanliness and damages
  • Code and insurance compliance


We'll help you better understand your finances and how to provide for the future of your property. To begin with, our services generate more revenue by setting appropriate rental rates and collecting more of your rent and dues. We'll then eliminate waste and hold your members accountable for damages to the chapter house so your money is spent on improvements, not damage repairs.

We believe you'll find that even when including Alpha Fraternity Management's fees, you will have more money each year to add to reserves or make improvements to your chapter house.


In addition to improved financial performance, consider the value added to the alumni organization:

  • Reduced workload for the volunteers
  • Reliable information for improved decision making
  • Funds can be used to improve the property, not repair damages

Many of our clients have found our program has even improved their alumni involvement and fundraising efforts.

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